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Cabin pictures

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                                    Breaking ground              Digging foundation holes                            Raising the poles


           Phets cut the locust trees for the poles back in December 2006.  We moved them in April 2007, I think, about the time Cindy F. and Beth P. helped dig the foundation holes.    We peeled the poles a couple of weeks later, and Julie M. and Randy M. helped with the raising.  Sometime in July we set the poles in concrete and tried to get them square and plumb (hah!).







The framing for the floor was done August 2007.  The notches in the poled were cut with a chainsaw, and then chiseled out by hand.  We used a cordless drill to make the holes for the bolts, but we tightened them by hand also.  It might not be quite square, but it's level!  The back of the camping platform is almost resting on the ground, and the front corner is 5 feet off the ground.  


The temporary floor is finished and ready for camping! 

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