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June 2009

Page history last edited by Stefanie Kompathoum 14 years, 11 months ago

A fine weekend including:

A cool moth at the gas station....


A swarm of elvers in the Tuckasegee (at East LaPorte)

....We were wading just downstream of the park, after tubing a little, and Oliver was trying out his goggles.  "Mom!  There's a squid under this rock!"  "Oliver, there are no squid in this river..."  "But Mom, it's got tentacles!"  I took a look, and there were five or six squiggles about as big around as my little finger and about 8 inches long.   We caught one in the net, and it was an eel.  I had no idea we had eel in the Tuckasegee.....


We got to camp and set up, had the traditional hot dog and s'mores dinner, (one of my favorite scenes in the world, here).



When we woke in the morning, we found this next to the tent!



Meaning that sometime while we slept, an owl sat on the platform pole and gifted us with the remains of his dinner.  Oliver and I did some internet research and determined that it is a shrew skull. 


Cool, huh?  I'm glad it didn't land on the tent, though!




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