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2005 Family Campout

Page history last edited by Stefanie Kompathoum 13 years, 2 months ago

The August 2005 Land's Sake Family Campout Expedition was a complete success! 

In the spirit of getting folks into the woods, and in contact with nature, I wanted to start with our own family and close friends.  It was a scary thought, to have the children in the woods (ages 2-7) ; so many things can happen.  As we finally assured ourselves, accidents can happen anywhere, and fear is no reason to lock ourselves up at home.

There were 4 children and 7 adults on this trip, some for a day hike and some for overnight.  

Those who were not testing our offroad driving skills took our time hiking in, exploring the plants, mushrooms, waterfalls, and even the rocks and different types of soil in the roadbed. 

Once we arrived at Land's Sake, we found evidence of what bears do in the woods, so we have a brother (or sister) bear who has visited recently.  How exciting!

We made camp, gathered firewood, hiked around exploring, played in the creek, roasted marshmallows and made futile attempts at afternoon naps before the thunder rushed the day-hikers back down the mountain. 

Blackberries from the mountain were made into the evening's dessert, and the foxfire from the stump of a locust tree glowed into the night as we fell asleep to the light rain dripping through the tree canopy.

An owl (who maybe thinks it's a rooster) woke us on Sunday, and we packed up our damp tents and made the way down the mountain.  After the light rain all night, the road was pretty slippery - a pretty thrilling trip!

Land's Sake is still as remote as ever, maybe more so in light of the continued decline of the old road.  As development encroaches on every private corner of western North Carolina, it's nice to know there's still a pocket of secluded mountain land where you can escape and try out your dreams of a wilderness expedition. 

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